Thursday, January 12, 2006

H.A.L.T. - 4 Sure Signs You Need a Break

Author: Jim Burns, Ph.D. & Dr. Bill Gaultiere

Parents and spouses need to understand that in order to keep relationships strong, it’s vital to manage stress levels before anger or fatigue get the best of you. One way I’m working on this area myself is that I have a piece of paper with four words on it – Hurting… Angry… Lonely… Tired. These words form the acrostic “H.A.L.T.” So, when I start feeling stressed, this acrostic reminds me that I need to H.A.L.T. and gain some perspective.

The reason parents and spouses need to watch out for these four feelings especially is because they are the kinds of conditions under which we are most susceptible to overreacting in a way that we will regret later.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

My therapist gave me the same advise - Except she said to H.A.L.T. and access yourself because one or all of these important needs/feelings is happening there needs to be corrected.

But she used the word - HUNGRY - when you are hungry - people tend to get ANGRY. When people are LONELY - kids in particular they crave unwanted attention or when adults are LONELY leads to depression. What about sleep deprevation - people need their sleep - TIRED.

Which leads me to this example;
I was in a mall and I passed this poor toddler screaming at the top of her lungs, in the food court at about 2:00, the mother was in line to get food and screaming at he poor kid. (They were in front of me) I leaned down to the poor kid and in a calm voice told the kid that mommy is getting you some food don't worry (after she turned around to order) Big tears in her eyes - she screams louder - the mom then turns around and yells - I'm ordering just a minute!!
She looks at me and says "I guess won't go past lunch time again!"
I just couldn't help add - "or past nap time either... watching the child rubbing her red sleepy eyes" I said it with a sheepish smile...

I just hated seeing the whole what could have been avoided seen for both parties.

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